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Hello i am new to the whole overclocking ordeal. i will get right to the point, i have no clue where to start lol. i have a AMD 64 Athlon x2 Dual Core Processor 3800 + 1.99 GHz, 2.00 GB of Ram. as some of you may know, the highly anticipated combat game "ARMA 2" is coming out in about 2 weeks, and i had ordered a 585watt power supply along with a ATI radeon 4850. i am looking to overclock my PC to about 2.3 maybe 2.4 GHz. Is this possible? my current speed is 2000 MHz i believe, any and all help is much appreciated thank you.
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  1. Start in the BIOS, make sure you have proper cooling.
  2. what do you need to know as far as "proper cooling" ? i have a CPU fan speed of 1950 RPM & system fan speed of 896 RPM, like i said im pretty new at this and really have no clue where to start as far as proper cooling, sorry :(
  3. Search the forum for MANY other people with the same CPU. I used to have the same setup and have answered others questions. A little research instead of a handout is priceless.
  4. i have searched this forum,there are a few people with AMD 64 athlon x2 3800 but not the same speed as mine nor the same specs, i wanna make sure im doing it exactly right before i go and do it, ive never done it before. so please understand my concern because i really dont feel like buying another CPU lol. im not looking for a hand out im just looking for a little bit of help, there is a difference! :)
  5. k, go get an after market cpu cooler that is a free handout (now if you don't know what after market cpu cooler is, go look it up on google)
  6. ^+1. Get a cooler that isn't stock and can handle a good overclock.
  7. Here ya go buddy.

    I dont understand users sometimes (help,handouts) this a forum we have answers.

    What motherboard are You using?
  8. Also if you are wanting a 4850 this is the route to go. This is a combo deal with A 7850 Dual core @ 2.8 GHZ and a 4850. I think you would be better off replacing that 3800+ rather than OCing it. Your call though. The OC you will get will not be suficient to get much more performance than you have. You will bottleneck @ your CPU trying to play games thse work nicely in a couple of my rigs. As for my 3800s I threw those away, literally.
  9. ^1+ xtc28 this is a forum and we are here to help.

    1.get a good cooler for the cpu.(thats on you find the one you like, good hs, good fan.) and make sure that it will fit in your case. the over clock forum here it will give you a good idea of what to do. (you might not understand it the first time but trust me you will get it. around after you have an idea of what your doing.(no one can tell you what to set things at because each cpu & system are different.)

    4.ignore ppl that dont want to help you on here. (everyone thinks there better than the next)
  10. When i first started overclocking i was advised to get a more appropriate cpu cooler. I got rid of the one that came with my cpu (amd 3800+) and replaced it with amd64 freezer pro. I've now managed to o'clock my 2.40 to 2.796 by icreasing my Vcore to 1.42v.
  11. The Socket 939 series chips are champion OCers. My old Athlon 4000+ single core would go from 2.4 --> 3.0 and idle at 50C and max at 60C under full load. Good ole' 90nm chip is a wiz.

  12. yo bring your ht to 400mhz fsb to 247 ram to 333mhz and bump up your v-core voltage a little your ram @4-4-4-14 @ 2.0volts that shold give you 3.1ghz
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