BSD Crashes and Memory Errors

Hello Guys,

Been having a few problems with my PC which I built 4 months ago. Lately we have been getting a few power cuts here when the PC has been on, the PC started crashing to a BSD with an error something like IRQ Equal or less than. Thinking that the power cuts had ruined my windows installation I reinstalled an image of Windows Vista from when the PC was running normal, the crashes continued very intermittently, sometimes when PC was being used sometimes not.

I then ran Memtest 86 straight after a crash and I got thousands of errors of test 2 (I didn't let the test run so I don't know which slot the errors were on), so it looked like a stick of my Crucial Ballistix Tracer memory had problems. I then swapped my 2x2GB sticks around and for a whole week ran Memtest86 over night with out errors so I assumed the reseating of the memory had cured my problems.

Well today I got another crash, once again I ran Memtest 86 straight sway and within 5 minutes had over 24 millions errors on memory Slot 0 this time on test 3, so perhaps that is the faulty stick of ram. The computer booted back in to windows ok.

I was rebooting the PC several times going into BIOS and running Windows Memory testing tool and Memtest when at one stage the PC would lock when the BIOS detects the memory, I restarted PC several times and everytime it locked at Memory detection part of the boot, I went to the back of the PC to switch the power off at the PSU when I noticed that the light on my USB memory stick which I leave in back of pc for the Readyboost feature of Vista was flashing very fast, I removed the USB stick then restarted the PC and it booted fine. Do you think the USB stick was anything to do with my problems? Everynow and then the USB stick will flash fast, when it does this Windows will not detect it, if I unplug it then plug it straight back in this sorts it out, it used to do it on my old PC as well.

So my question is if memory is faulty does it fault everytime it's tested or can it be very intermittent, i.e happen a few times every week.

I have 2 sticks of Ram on a Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS5 motherboard running latest BIOS, the sticks are in slots DDR 1 and DDR3 so it runs in Dual memory mode. Memtest reports the faults on slot 0 am I right in saying that that would be DDR slot 1 on my motherboard?

The memory is still under warranty and I'll call Crucial Monday as their not open today, do you think they will replace both sticks of ram or will I have to find out which one is faulty, it's going to be hard to find which one is at fault if the problem only happens every now and then, I'm running memtest now and I'm getting no errors, strange as 45 minutes ago I got 24 million errors in a few minutes.

I'd welcome your advise and opinions on this one please.


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  1. Forgot to say, on the bottom of the screen on Memtest it says:-

    Errors per memory slot: 0: 24332316 (and rising very fast)
    1: 1

    does that mean that the memory in slot 1 is also faulty if if has 1 error ??
  2. Just phoned Crucial and they said they will change both Ram sticks as they came in a kit.
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