[Help] 9600GSO bottleneck?

so, i was talking with a friend, and he say that if i was going to buy a 9600 GSO, then i should chage my mobo too, cause it would cause bottlenecks.

my motherboard is a ASUS P5K-VM, and the videocard im going to buy its a ASUS EN9600GSO.

So, whats your opinion bout that?


cpu: intel C2D e8400 @ 3.4Ghz
mem: 1Gb 6400 kingston [KVR800D2N5] (i'll probably add one extra Gb)
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  1. Intel G33 is great for a single card motherboard. It may (depending on the manufacturer) lack some of the optional features on a P35 but on core performance its pretty much on a par.
  2. what is your cpu and memory?
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