What power supply is needed

I recently bought a new Gateway GT 5668E.
It has a 300 watt power supply in it.

I want to upgrade the video card as it has a onboard one.

The one i plan to get it this one

I can not find anywhere what i need power wise for this card.
I have had two people say it will run fine with the 300 watt but I hate chances with a brand new machine that I can not afford to replace right now.

Anyone got any information regarding this card and what power supply size is needed
Maybe even a idea of a good one that would work for maybe 50 to 70.00 tops.

Thank you for any and all help
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  1. It would be close and considering its from an OEM machine, id say it wouldnt take long to kill it. A solid 400w-500w will run it easily, be careful when replacing the PSU that the one you get is similar dimension to the current as anything bigger might not fit.

    Youll get a heck load more performance from a 9600gt thats only a few $$$ extra.
  2. Or the 3850 which is less than the 9500GT and Fast than the 9500GT.
    The 9600GT would be faster yet.

    So if tight on cash go for the 3850 or spend a little more and get the 9600GT.
  3. I have seen the 9600gt for as little as 84 dollars.

    A core2duo, lightly overclocked, with a 4850, uses no more then 250 watts. But, you need a power "cushion" or things become unstable. What you should be conserned about is wether or not the power supply has any 6 pin connectors.
  4. Thank you. The Video card was a Birthday gift and already bought and for what I do which is play one game the Sims2.
    I think from the research I have done that it will do just fine. Sadly many cards do not play well with this game because well quite frankly EA is milking their cash cow for all it is worth and give limited time to testing and properly doing things etc. Yes i know I know why play it then frankly because it is the one game I enjoy. :lol:
    I have asked around and am happy to have found many Simmers who have the 9500 and have a good experience with it.

    Anyway my friend has ordered me a 550 watt power supply Just to make sure all is well.
    It looks the same size I hope it works I know limited info on choosing power supplies to be honest
    The system i have is the Gateway GT5668E if that tells you anything.

    The power supply he got is


    Thank you for the help
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