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Evening all,

I'm looking into buying a psu for my next build, which will look something like this:

P45 motherboard
4gb pc6400 ram
2 sata hard -drives
2 optical drives
quad core ( probably q6600 )
ati 4870

Its a bit vague, but thats because I'm having to buy a new PSU as my old one just went, and i dont have the money for all of the above just yet and as such not decided on it all.

Anyway I've been looking at the Corsair TX 750, and read fairly good things about it, but i need some advice. Will it be able to power the above system with an overclock on the q6600 lets say to 3.6 and be able to power another 4870 should i later decide to crossfire?

Also to any current owners of it, how noisy is it, and have any of you removed the plastic covering half the fan, if so did it have any effect on temp/noise

My current build is

AMD 3000+
1gb pc3200
Nvidia 6600
1 hard-drive
2 optical drives

I assume it'd have no problems with my current pc too.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. I believe it will power it or i'm in troubles because i have this psu with an e8400 and plan on getting another 4870 ;) I read alot before i bought and they recommend 650 watts so a 750 watts corsair (very good brand btw) should be fine.
  2. Yes, a TX750w is just fine for 2 4870s or 1 4870x2 along with an OC and the rest of your system
  3. The TX750W can handle almost anything thrown at it. You'll be fine.
  4. newegg has a modular antec for 140 w\ free shipping... i bought the corsair hx1000 before finding that antec for $80 cheaper.
  5. tx750 just handled my brother's new 2x 4870's and OC'd q6600.... so i would imagine... :)
  6. Looks promising, how noisey and hot is it spuddyt? Also anyone know if that plastic cover actually makes a difference to the cooling?
  7. I haven't noticed any noise, but given that he has 2 4870's in the case with it, its not surprising at all, and also I haven't noticed any heat either, and it does ooze quality....
  8. Using this PSU as well, and its very quiet since I think its got a 140mm fan. Only complaint I got is that the PSU cables are very long, had trouble rerouting the cables in my P182 :(
  9. Sounds like thats my choice, like i said, it seemed odd that corsair went to the trouble of putting in a big fan only to cover half of it up, but if it works i should really know not to question it! Thanks guys
  10. As the other guy said, the fan noise is not a problem. The only (and I mean only) problem is the amount of cables in there. I have one DVD drive at the bottom of 4 bays, and everything from the drive to the top of the case is filled with excess cabling.
  11. hey sorry for the delay in this follow up post, went on away on holiday! Do any of you guys who own this PSU have it mounted at the top of your case? I read that it's really heavy, so am a bit worried having it mounted on only four screws. Btw cheers itadakimasu for the info, but i live in the UK :) Thanks guys, sorry for dragging this out!
  12. it will hang on top or the bottom of ur case. designed to do both.
  13. kazuya-kun said:
    Using this PSU as well, and its very quiet since I think its got a 140mm fan. Only complaint I got is that the PSU cables are very long, had trouble rerouting the cables in my P182 :(

    Great PSU. I have one, im very happy with it. Silent, stable, cool. The only problem, is the refered. Well, it is a good thing actually. You can plug everything you want. I mean everything.

    But you need to work a bit on rearranging the cables, they are long.....and alot of them.
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