External HDD functional in Vista, not in XP

Hello everyone,

I have a WD Elements HDD. When I first purchased the drive, I hooked it to a computer running Windows XP MCE. Everything worked fine, and I was able to read and write to it no problem. I then bought a laptop, running Windows Vista Basic. Again, no problems, could read and write with no problems. Recently, I purchased another laptop with Vista Home Premimum x64, and problems started to occur. It seems like ever since I hooked the HDD to the laptop running Vista Home Premium, I can no longer access the HDD on machines running Windows XP. The two XP machines that I tried, WinXP MCE and WinXP Pro. will notice the drive, but when I go to open it, it tells me that the File system is corrupted. On the Vista systems, I can use the drive with no problem. Any ideas?
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  1. Errr what did you do with your hard disk while it was hooked up to Vista?
  2. If I remember correctly, I just transferred files on to the laptop.
  3. UPDATE:

    I have been playing around with the permission settings on the HDD, with no avail, though I did turn sharing to the drive on. I hooked the HDD to one of the machines running Vista, and allowed it to share to other computers on my home network. I could now access the HDD on my computer running XP MCE over the network, and read/write files to it. Though when I hooked the HDD directly to the XP MCE computer, I still get the error message, and am unable to use it.

    I thought I'd also note that when connected to Vista, the HDD's file format is NTFS. When connected to XP, its RAW.
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