Please help me....

when I login yesterday i noticed that my sdesktop is different from the day before it... so copy my files from my USERNAME desktop folder and paste it to my yesterday's desktop... SO ive finished my project... but today as i LOGIN to the same username/password, Everything I did yesterday is lost...

Please help me recover my files.. please.. thanks...

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  1. Seems you have a corrupt user profile.

    What I suggest is to create a new user login in Windows, login as that new login, restart your computer, backup all your files you want from the old profile from C:\Documents and Settings then delete the user profile from Windows, then login again and recover your files from the backup.

    When things don't save under a profile after a restart, it means you are using a temporary profile and so the changes don't take effect. This is most likely the profile is corrupted and you'll have to backup your settings/files and recreate it.
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