Uppgrading from A64 X2 3800

Im going to uppgrade my computers motherboard, cpu and memory. Im asking for advice as to what CPU to uppgrade into and if I maybe should wait for the Nehalem(i7) cpu´s to come into the market. Purpose of the computer is video encoding / games and general purpose.

My budget is limited to about 200 euro for the cpu and 450 euro total for all three (cpu,motherboard and memory). I have been reading alot in forums and the q6600 seems like "nobrainer", but im a bit worried about it. Since Nehalem is comming out soon the Q6600 might become outdated and obsolete? Will any of the Nehalem cpu´s fit into my budget range ? Q6600 seems like a good overclocker which I like. Suggestions every ?
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  1. i would venture to say that at first the nehalems will be quite expensive, from reading around the web i get the impression that we might?? be talking $1000us??,after all it will be the top of the line in it's class..
    as to the Q6600 it is a good solid proven product and the go/slacr model overclocks like there is no tomorrow and if combined with the right components will fly right along and if you put it in the right mobo,you can upgrade to a 45nm at your convenience,the nehalem will obviously require a new mobo for which there is no clear upgrade path yet,i mean there is,,but it is just more of the same...:>)
  2. hmm.... is the q9300 not a good choice? I can't remember if SSE4 has much relevance to video encoding.... nor the prices on them
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