Heatsink Fan Vibration-How It Will Affect The CPU

I plan on using scythe ultra Kaze 120mm fans in push pull config for my heatsink (xigmatek 1283) , my question is if the vibration of these powerful fans will damage the cpu. I am going to use anti-vibration rubber frames for the fans to try to minimize vibration, im just worried about the cpu. thanks for any help!
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  1. Not at all, no worries. Why such massive fans? Your noise level...........
  2. One thing I always recomend with heavier heatsinks is rubber o-rings between the motherboard and the screws/pins, because much of that vibration is transferred into the mounting system of the unit. I also strongly suggest you buy the optional crossbow bracket for the xiggy 1283. Also using push/pull with two identical flow through rate fans isn't ideal. Use the weaker fan to push, the stronger to pull, thereby creating induction. If your prepared to lap in your cpu, you could drop the second fan, as the second unit will not give you anything below -5c compared to a single unit at best. A great idea for system stability is a large 200mm + dia side case fan, aimed somewhere between the GPU and RAM.
  3. Vertigon - Thanks for the adivce. I do have a weaker fan to use in my push/pull so ill do that. Since I am running an amd board atm i dont think theres any special brackets for it (correect me if im wrong pls), all ive seen are for intel boards.

    Conundrum - Those are some beastly fans so i will be getting a fan controller, i just cant say no to 133 cfm, whether i actaully need it or not. ill be doing xfire soon enough and im not into the whole water cooling thing so i guess i will.

    thanks again!
  4. You'll have to check the xiggy website for brackets etc, I know you can adapt other brackets to suit. Also if I was fitting it, I'd at least sand the base down as flat as possible, not too many manufacturers take care of this issue due to cost despite what crap is said.
    The reason I suggest the large side fan (doesn't take much to jigsaw out the side of the case) is because if you can get heat out of the other components, you can get the cpu cooler again, it's like a micro enviroment inside a case.
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