XFX 8800GT XXX or an ATI 4850

Just building a new box and can't decide which is better value, the XFX 8800GT XXX or an ATI 4850. They are more or less the same price in my country.

The system will be based around a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R and an E8400. will have a couple of Gigs of RAM, SATA HD and DVD all powered by a corsiar HX 520.

I only have a 19 inch screen with a res of 1280 * 1024. I do play some games.

I like the sound of the 4850, but I'm a little concerned about the temps, also what are the noise levels like on these cards. Unfortunately aftermarket coolers are hard to get here.

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  1. 4850 all the way. Good 20% faster than 8800gt and much faster with 8xAA.
  2. I've got a 8800GT, and although it is a great card, the 4850 is faster.
  3. Get the 4850.
  4. 4850 even bets 9800gtx more 50% of the times.........and with AA enabled 4850 beats 9800gtx almost always. so 8800gt isnt realy in the same class as 4850.......

    but let me tell u this.....8800gt is fine for a 19 inch monitor. m more than happy with my 9600GT and my 19inch monitor.plays all games (except crysis) at max setting + res..... however, 4850 will enable u to play crysis with max settings and will be better for future proofing......

    temp should not be a problem as u can increasing fan speed up to 60% from 25% which will decrease idle temp from 75+ C to 45+ C. the max temp will be arrond 60...

    so by all means get a 4870....
  5. Thank you for your replies, I'll be buying tomorrow, so looks like a 4850...
  6. 4850 is still better than a 8800 GT XXXXXXXX Version....lol, Marketing......
  7. 4850 will be the best and am sure you will play all games @ max settings expect deadly ones like crysis, for a year or so again if u stick with a 19 inch monitor...

    I have a 8800GT and game @ 1440*900 and it really rocks as it plays all games @ max settings and 4850 seems to be some 20-25% faster so get the 4850
  8. It will be 19 inch monitor for some time, the new components make me broke :)
  9. it should do very well on a 19" monitor with 1280x1024. I'm running 1680x1050 @ all high on Crysis and I get 28 low and up to 50 peak.
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