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First of all im not sure if i already posted this or if i made it on another forum but here goes.

For a new build iv been looking at the new ati cards... now will i see any difference in them on a 19" monitor res of 1440x900 possibly with a second monitor the same size in the near future? or would i be better off saving my money and getting a 3rd party cooler for the 4850 (as they get very very hot)? Or will it be too hard for a noobie like me whos only ever built 1 pc? any help welcome and opinions.

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  1. HD4850 can handle the 19 incher. I have the same res and max out my games. Even AA. Couldn't do that on 8800GT without performance penalty.

    The stock fan is fine, but the default speed is not. Control it via software:

  2. ok awsome now if i was looking to go xfire with the 4850 in the future would a corsair TX 650W http://www.ebuyer.com/product/135514 do the job? and if so would 8x lanes on a pci-e 2.0 bus limit the card? This would be using a p45 board most likely.
  3. For 1280x1024 or lower resolutions i definitely recommend HD 4850,its more than enough for that resolution :)
  4. Nice find by the way akhilles.

    Looks like in a month or 2 ill be saving my money with the 4850
  5. could anyone comment on the psu i posted above too let me know how it would fair in cross fire?
  6. Quote:
    450 Watt or greater power supply with 75 Watt 6-pin PCI Express® power connector recommended (550 Watt and two 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)


    A midrange P45 board is about $150 US and a low-end X38 is about $180 US. The X38/48 does Crossfire x16. Look into GA-EX38-DS4.
  7. Would the 8 lanes of pci-e 2.0 bottleneck this card though? Becuase would it not just equal 16 lanes of a normal pci-e port?
  8. That question is coming up a lot recently. Normally I think it won't. The only real test has been this one:


    But you have to remember this uses a quad core OC'd to 4 Ghz, and the only game that really got bottlenecked at was Crysis at 1280x1024. Every other game tested was fine until you hit resolutions like 2560x1600.

    But in the future (say 6 months from now) it'll probably bottleneck the new games quite a bit. If the rest of your system can keep up (mainly the processor).

    At the resolution you have now I doubt it'll bottleneck anything.
  9. Well i guess it would make more sence in that case to just get a new card when needed rather than go crossfire, thanks for the tests copasetic.
  10. Oh and another thing out of these which is the best brand:



  11. Sapphire is the one in my rig. I have always bought their ATI cards and they worked like a champ. Gecube has a better cooler & maybe factory overclocked. Powercolor would be the last on my list.
  12. Consider HIS too,they use great cooling in their cards.
    Also all of those 3 brands are good IMO and i think PowerColour is the cheapest between them.
  13. VisionTek has the best warranty... Otherwise go by price

    From what I have read a 4850 fully loaded takes aprox. 225-250w per card.

    If you are planning to OC your CPU or have multiple drives, I would go with more than 550w. 650w would be close imo.

    BTW all of the current 48XX's are reference cards and have the same cooling.
  14. Thanks for the input guys.
  15. Oh and nearly forgot theres not Asus too add too the list :O
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