Windows 7 Optimizations for SSD's

Hey, i got an Intel X25-M 80GB G2, and Windows 7 Professional, and i was wondering if there's any optimizations or tweaks i can do on my OS to help prolong the SSD's life and increase performance?

I've searched the forums, and google, but pretty much all my results are for older SSD and from 5+ months ago.

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  1. Most of those tweaks probably will do: this is the same flash drive after all.
  2. Thanks, but i also read that most of those tweaks were for drives that didnt support the TRIM command?
  3. TRIM is an added bonus, the other tweaks still apply.
  4. could anyone provide a link to a compiled list of tweaks?
  5. bump
  6. Well after reading a good chunk of that...Windows 7 handles everything that should be done?

    Are there the record type optimizations? Such as:

    I heard moving the Users folder is a good thing to do
  7. Is TRIM coming as a windows update or as an intel bios update or both?
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