Help with O.Cing i7 920 to 3.6Ghz

I am new to overclocking and I am not sure how to overclock the CPU properly. What Frequencies do I need to make it also the FSB and voltage and this stuff I dont know.

This is my first overclock

My system specs are:

CPU: Intel core i7 920 @ 2.66Ghz

MOBO: Gigabyte Ex58-UD4P

RAM: Corsair TR3X6G1600C9 DDR3 6Gb @ 1600Mhz

GPU: Gigabyte 9600GT O.C (Waiting for the Direct X11 cards to come out)

PSU: Gigabyte Odin GT 800W

HDD: Seagate 500Gb

CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U12P s1336

OS: Windows Vista 64bit Ultimate

Thank you very much
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  1. Thanks for the help those threads are really helpful
  2. In one simple step you can get some great overclock performance.
    Great article here on Tom's

    Here is the key paragraph in the conclusion:
    In the case of the Core i7 920, the best setting was 3.66 GHz—at this level, the CPU delivered a massive performance boost when compared to the 2.66 GHz stock speed, while still not introducing excessive power consumption. We found that the 3.33 GHz setting makes even more sense for average users, as virtually any X58 platform for Core i7 allows the user to easily overclock the Core i7 920 from 2.66 to 3.33 GHz by increasing the system clock speed from 133 MHz to 166 MHz. You can even keep the Core i7 Turbo Mode, which accelerates an individual core by up to two multiplier increments at peak single thread load.

    I did the 3.33GHz setting on mine and in turbo it hits 3.6 when under load.
    Runs cool and smooth
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