Connector configuration in Realtek HD Audio Manager

Hello, first time poster here looking for some help to manually configure the rear connector settings in Realtek HD Audio Manager.

Background: I recently updated my desktop peripherals with the Razer Lycosa keyboard. The keyboard is equipped with 2 connectors for headphones and microphone and consequently includes 2 corresponding audio connectors in addition to the USB adapter. I utilised this setup with Windows XP sp 3 and the concurrent Realtek drivers and audio manager. This allowed me to manually select the connected peripheral from a pop-up menu in Realtek Audio Manager, enabling me to connect my 2.1 speaker system to the speaker port while the Lycosa connectors were placed in the mic and center/subwoofer ports (selected as headphones from the pop-up menu). This setup is preferable to me since the front connectors on my case is located on the top and represents a serious inconvenience.

Problem: I have since upgraded from XP to Vista Home Premium 64-bit sp 1. The new dx10 drivers for the onboard sound installed the updated Realtek HD Audio Manager on my desktop. This version seems only to allow for the aforementioned manual pop-up menu to appear for the front side connectors. Is there any way to either enable this menu for the rear connectors or somehow manually reconfigure them in order to retain my previous sound setup?

All drivers are current as of 2008-08-12.

Sorry for the long post but I have tried to scour the Internet for a possible solution and finding nothing...
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  1. I usually do a removal reinstall on the realteck app.
    The sound manager allows a user to assign the mic input to become a stereo output
    You may be able to use older drivers too
  2. I don't think reinstalling the realteck app does much. I think Realtec just did a half a** job when converting drivers from xp to vista --- they cut 3/4 of the features.

    Anyway, i've had the same problem and I haven't found a solution but I haven't looked in about 9 months. I saw this tread and was hoping there was a software patch or something..
  3. Exactly, Realtek covered up their reduced feature-set with a new GUI.
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