Choosing an external HDD

Hi Guys,

I need some advice picking an external HDD to back up my data (in preparation for the move to Windows7). Hopefully you can help out :)

I would like something between 500-750Gb and one that has a good, fast transfer rate if possible. I am able to use eSATA and Firewire as well as USB2.0.

My budget is approx £60-70, any thoughts on what I should go for?

Many thanks!

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  1. WD has good external drives, here's a good option from Misco:

    (Sorry, not familiar with UK online stores)
  2. Thanks r_manic that looks pretty cool, I'd be interested to see any eSATA options as well if you know of any :-)
  3. I was recently looking for esata external drive as well. Problem is they are quite a bit more expensive. Did not find anyin online shops to suit my taste and budget I ended up bying this one off e-bay:
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