Upgrade from E6600 to Q6600/E8400/E8500

I currently have a E6600 and I want to upgrade it. The options are Q6600, E8400, and E8500. I am trying to keep the price under $200. Which one should I go with? The main use is gaming.
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  1. Kinda depends which games, but id go for E8400/E8500. The q6600 is great, but the dual cores just peform better in gaming, and i dont think games will utilise the four cores greatly for a while yet.
  2. upgrading to dual core is dumb
    there is a huge misconception that gamers only need 2 cores since no game can use more then 2 cores - ok most games

    get the quad!
  3. If your not going to overclock then the choice in your situation is obvious, go with the e8400/e8500 ($20 more for the e8500 if you want the extra 160mhz) Of course you don't get the extra 2 cores like the q6600 but your at 3ghz which makes your frames nice. But if overclocking is in the future then the q6600 would be the best choice.
  4. Overclock the e6600 and be happy with it , you wont notice much difference .

    Ive got mine running at 3.2ghz and its nice for everything ive thrown at it.
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