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I just bought 2 new HP 146GB scsi disks and inserted them to my HP MSA 30. All seems be ok, but one of the disks (SCSI Port 2, Drive ID 5) got some SMART attributes not null and on the other disk (SCSI Port 1, Drive ID 5) they are null. I'm talking about these attributes: Test 2, Test 3, Test 4, Seeks, Re-mapped.

The SMART log from both disks:

My questions are:
1. What is the meaning of those attributes? Means that the disk got some trouble?

2. Is there any guide, that is explaining the meaning of SCSI SMART attributes? I could not find any.

Tnx for answers!
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  1. Those tests are fine. The values are in hex format.
    If you like you can retest with manufacturer hard disk diagnostics.
  2. Ok and what are the tests and seeks about?
  3. Get a decent SMART utility that lists in decimal format; i can't read these.

    Important SMART attributes are: reallocated sectors, pending sectors and UDMA CRC error count.

    If these values are excessively high, its likely there's a problem with your drive, or in case of the UDMA CRC attribute, a cable failure.
  4. The point here is, that the disk is brand new. The SMART of it should be like the SMART of the first one in the log. But its not. And I'm trying to figure out, what are those non zero attributes (the tests and seeks) about. And if its ok to have re-mapped sectors, that were most probably re-mapped in factory, on new disk.
  5. Unless you post readable SMART values i can't comment on it. Its only a few minutes work.
  6. Ok sorry about slacking ;) . I was thinking, that the fact what are the values isn't such important as the fact, that there are some values where they usually should not be. But most probably I was wrong.

    So the servis time of both disks is about 15 hours. How many blocks were read or write isn't important, the value is very low. So I'm jumping to the attributes seeks, tests(2,3,4) and re-mapped. On the "OK" disk they are zero. on the other one they are:

    Factory Since Power

    Seeks - 704 176
    Test 2 - 4 4
    Test 3 - 47 47
    Test 4 - 78 79
    Re-mapped - 3037 0

    Cheers ;) .
  7. Can you download HDTune and post a screenshot of the SMART values? Those are quite readable and also list the raw values in decimal format. Something like this:

  8. Unfortunately HDTune is not supporting Linux so I can't install it and we don't have any other computer here that got SCSI adapter and is running Windows. I'm using HP Array Diagnostic Utility to generate those logs.
  9. If you're using Linux, can't you use the smartmontools package? After installing, you should be able to:

    smartctl -a /dev/<HDD>

    This may not work for RAIDs and SCSI arrays though; but you can try.
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