HD4870 dropping a bit in price on Newegg

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  1. I thought that ~$300 was the retail price of them. You could find them for awhile with rebates, so to me it seems about the same.
  2. Yeah, but they were $310 for a while, and now Visiontek has it for $295. It's pretty exciting, I hope the price continues to drop.
  3. Woot! They didn't even need to drop prices - they already beat Nvidia's price/performance!
  4. Probably due to more stock and the GDDR5 shortage easing up a bit.
  5. Dalyinx said:

    I'd say the higher availability is indicative of higher availability :D

    And yes it probably has something to do with GDDR5; AMD has been pumping out RV770s for a while.
  6. And it's just in time to counter the $300 (after rebate) GTX260, which they continue to trump both in price and performance.
  7. Theres one out there with my name on it, and its getting closer
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