Overclocking Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D - how high?

Has anyone had success running the Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D at 1754mhz or higher? I'm currently set at 1403mhz 8-8-8-24 1.6v. If I change to 1754mhz (which is the next step up), would you suggest upping the voltage (max is 1.65v) or changing timings? If I overclock the memory, should I run memtest86+ before booting into the OS (WIndows 7)?

I guess the last question is whether going from 1403 to 1754 would make any real difference. I just hate to have memory rated to 1600 and not use it all.

My current OC is BCLK at 175 x 20 multiplier for an OC of 3.5ghz.

I'm new at overclocking and appreciate your help - Michael
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  1. I wouldnt OC it, has no benefit at all, not worth the risk or burning parts....
  2. Set bclk to 166, turn turbo mode back on, and you'll have 3.5GHz, but you'll be able to run the RAM at 1660. I bet it will run at 1660 on stock volts, honestly. Mine runs 1600 CAS 7 on stock volts, and that's with 12 gigs. 1754 is pushing it a bit though.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion to turn on Turbo. I've read that it not only ups the multiplier to 21x under load but it also shuts off all the other cores. I don't like the idea of paying for 4 cores and shutting off 3 of them. I suppose it's better managed than that, but as long as I've got it oc'd with all 4, I'll probably keep it that way.

    I'm wondering if there is much of a difference one way or the other. At 3.5gHz I'm guessing performance wise I've probably got all I'm going to get without upping my voltages significantly. Thanks sharken and cjl for your help.
  4. Actually, it only shuts off cores if they are inactive (and it does this whether or not turbo is on). If programs are requesting more than one thread, it won't disable an active core. It will happily run all 4 cores up 1 step if turbo is enabled (21x), and in rare cases, when 3 cores are inactive, it will run the remaining core up 2 steps (22x). Another option would be to leave it at 1400MHz, but see how tight you can get the timings. I bet 1400MHz 6-7-6-20-1T or something like that would be completely doable without exceeding 1.65V. Yet another option would be to try for 1754MHz, which is probably doable if you loosen the timings to 9-9-9-27 or possibly even 10-10-10-30 (both at 2T) and up the memory controller voltage to 1.36-1.4V. It would probably run 1754 at 1.65V in that case, though there's obviously no guarantee.
  5. cjl - Are there any downsides to turbo?

    You've given me a lot to consider with regard to timings. I really appreciate it.
  6. Well, the main downside that I can think of is that if it is unstable at a 22x multiplier (which would be 3.66GHz at the settings mentioned above), it could crash when it goes into the single core turbo mode, even if it is stable in the multi core 21x mult situation. That seems to be fairly unlikely though, because the i7 seems somewhat conservative in how it does Turbo, and is unlikely to go into that very often (it requires all 3 other cores to be completely inactive). I bet you could get it working though.
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