8 GB RAM on a P5Q PRO -- Keeps Failing HCI Memtest. . .

Here's my thread with details about what I've tried to get my RAM running:


Basically, I keep getting HCI memtest errors within 8 hours, even after upping my DRAM voltage to 2.1 (max for this ram) and using the settings recommended by the manufacturer (It's Mushkin 991580 RAM -- 4 2 GB modules with heat spreaders).

I'm considering whether to start messing with the NB voltage, or to try a BIOS flash of a modified BIOS from here:


Does anyone have any thoughts / pointers? Has anyone gotten t8 GB of this RAM to work with this MB?

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  1. Can you test your system using 4 modules that are on the QVL for all memory slots being filled? I'd try approved memory before flasing a modified BIOS.
  2. Increase voltage by +.1 and see.
  3. Thanks for the replies :) The Mushkin forum support person (Greg, who is awesome, responsive, knowledgeable -- can't say enough) had me test my DIMMs 1 by 1. 2 of them turned out to be bad, I'm going to RMA them.

    When I'm running stably I'll post my settings here so that others can use them if they like.

    Thanks again!
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