I have a problem...well I think it's a problem

I want to buy an ati 3870/3850.Now the problem(if it actually is) is that the graphic card is long and it will touch a piece(I think atleast) on the motherboard,the piece is cylindrical in shape.

I have a MSI MS-7046 motherboard.

Here's a picture:http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/6462/ms7046to3.th.jpg

The black cylindrical thing,I think it will be right over it.So would that be a problem?Or it's just me?
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  1. You should be fine, the card will sit above the capacitors.
  2. Yes but wont it heat up or something if it touches it?

    Well I guess I'll need to try one out to see.
  3. The black cylindrical thing is a capacitor.
    Your graphics card will go in the black slot. You have to lock the card in place with the white clip. That clip when locked is higher than the capacitor. So I don't think there will be a problem. On some motherboards the graphics card extends over the SATA connectors.

    You can use Google to search for pictures of an 3870/3850. On some pictures you can see that the card doesn't touch any components on the motherboard.
  4. thats normal...the motherboard manufactures are aware of it when they make it...usually happens on most boards
  5. yeah it should be a couple mm's above the capacitor, as for heat, you shouldn;t be too concerned
  6. Ahh okay then,thank you all.
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