Need some assurance; recovering data off of a SATA laptop drive

Hey guys;

I have a laptop that has died (motherboard repair, I'll fix it when I get a halogen lamp) and there is some data that needs to be gotten off the hard drive. Can I just plug it into the SATA port on my desktop and power it up to get data off? If I did that would there be anything else I need to do, or could I just plug it in and power it up and see the drive as a secondary, and get the info off?

Do I need to do anything with jumpers, like on a desktop, or will it just work?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Assuming you can get the drive out of your laptop and back in later, there's really only one big issue to solve. The connector system for laptop SATA drives is not the same as for desktops. You can buy and use an adapter for this purpose, though. That should let you connect it into your desktop (make sure there's a way to support it mechanically to prevent damage) and use it as a data drive, then remove later for return to the laptop.
  2. Hey; I figured the best way to see if it works or not is to test it with a laptop hard drive that I have now. The SATA connectors are the same between desktops and laptops, and it worked fine; I think you were thinking of IDE connectors, where laptops have smaller, 44-pin connectors, and desktops have bigger, 40-pin connectors.

    Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.
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