4 pin ATX to 8 pin EPS possible ??

my motherboard has a 8 pin EPS +12v atx power connector and half of it is covered and my power supply only has one 4 pin ATX +12 volt power cable so i was wondering if its safe to plug the 4 pin cable into the 8 pin eps ?

also is there any adapter that can convert the 4 pin to 8 pin eps.

my specs if necessary

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
Asus P5Q Pro
Cooler Master Extreme Power Duo 600 Watt
MSI RX 3870 512mb GDDR4
Seagate Barracuda SATA 500GB
Samsung CD/DVD Writer
Kingston 4GB DDR2 Ram

and no i dont have enough money to buy a new power supply :(
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  1. Oh, you don't have to buy those adapters. See this pic. There's a black cap on the other 4-pin. You don't need to hook that up if you don't have a proper cable. Only 4-pin is fine.
  2. Forgot the pic:

  3. 8-pin is only necessary for extreme overclocking or a really power-hungry processor.
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