Upgrading Mobo (currently have RAID 0) Will i lose data?

Hello all,
Atm i have a Gigabyte X48-DS4 Mobo with a Q6600. I have 2 HDD's in RAID 0 Stripped 500x2=1TB Anyway i am wondering ounce i replace the motherboard and setup the raid again, will i lose all my data? If so, then thats bad lol but if can get my data back if i lose it?

Thanks in Advance!

P.S Sorry if it had been asked loads of times -.-
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  1. If you re-set up your raid0 you will lose your data.
    If the New mother board used the same Controller chip, then there is a good chance it will recognize your raid0 and you will not have to redo.

    Of coarse you can always use your back up to restore your data - RIGHT.
  2. k thats what i thought thanks!
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