I bought a new ASUS 9600GT 1GB HDMI Gfx Card yesterday and replaced my 8600GT which recently just stopped working, everything was connected perfectly and I closed the case and turned the PC on. All the fans started whirring, and the HDD started etc. But the only thing that was on the screen was the Motherboard Splash, I left it for ten minutes and came back and the splash was still there, I tried to enter BIOS but nothing happened.

My Specs are:

Core 2 Duo 2.67 GHZ
500GB Samsung SATA II HDD
Generic 350W PSU
2 x 1GB Kingston DDRII 800MHZ,

Just to let you know a few weeks ago I was using my pc with my 8600GT then it started giving me the BSOD at random intervals. Then one day it just wouldn't boot at all. I took it to a technichan he told me that the GFX card needed to be replaced, and so I have replaced it. Perhaps it is my PSU. I've read a few forums but they don't seem to be helping solve my problem. Any Help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. I defintely think you need a new PSU. I would get a 500W one at least, from a good brand. It may be a little overkill, but the PSU is one thing you should never skimp on.
  2. Thanks, I forgot to add my Motherboard - GB P31-DS3L - So a 500W PSU Should fix my problems ?
  3. I know this is kinda pre-school, but did you happen to uninstall the 8600gt's drivers before you installed your 9600gt?

    On the psu, not just any 500+watt psu will work well. You need a quality, reliable psu that has more than a total of 30+amps combined on the 12v rail(s). I'd recommend: Antec, OCZ, some Thermaltake, pc power and cooling, FSP, corsair... Those are just a few. Usually you can find a good corsair on special on newegg these days. check it out.
  4. Get a decent psu not just some generic crappy psu.
  5. Ok so A PSU is a must. As far as the drivers are concerned I haven't had a way to uninstall them due to, as I said earlier the system Blue Screening, and then failing to boot at all. Now it just sits on the splash screen.
  6. rabidbunny said:
    I know this is kinda pre-school, but did you happen to uninstall the 8600gt's drivers before you installed your 9600gt?

    Drivers would need another 10 seconds of boot time before they made any difference. More than likely it would simply revert to 800x600 resolution @60Hz rather than BSOD or do anything else if he didn't uninstall the drivers.
  7. That makes sense. So the only problem there would be the PSU?
  8. Even if it is not the problem, it most likely will be later on ;) I don't see how it could cause BSODs, an inadequate PSU normally causes reboots. In any case, replacing it with a decent unit is recommended.
  9. Well it wasn't inadequet for the 8600 but the 8600 somehow stopped working, and I got it checked over they said the BSOD was caused by the GFX Card and that I'd need a new one.

    What do you think of this PSU:

  10. Don't buy anything from the TR2 series PSUs. They are much less powerful than the others. It may be a 550W PSU, but with 14 and 15A +12V rails, you may run into overcurrent problems (the PSU will trip) in the future as the unit ages (maximum output decreases over time). You'd be much better off with this:


    or this:

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