How can I dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 without trouble?

I read that if you have Windows 7 installed, it ruins Ubuntu. I want my computer to have both, so I was wondering, how can I dual boot them without them clashing? I don't want to use Wubi, by the way. Thanks :D
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    Click the start in windows. Search for create partition. Then you will shrink your HD in disk manager. Shrink it to the size you want Ubuntu to be. Do it in NTFS. Then you will boot with the Ubuntu install and choose the partition that your created to install to. Then it will format that and install. You should not have a problem after that. If anything you may have to fix the MBR for windows 7 but I didnt have to.
  2. Thanks! Now if I have Windows 7 first I can do that. By the way, do I make a partition in a similar way if I had Ubuntu installed first? I just found out that I might have a wait another few weeks or a month before I can install Windows 7, so I might want to install Ubuntu first. Do I just look for a partitioning application and create a partition for Windows 7 from there? Thank you! I read the Lifehacker article before but it confused me.
  3. In my experience, you need to install Ubuntu after Windows. Wait for 7.
  4. I just installed Windows 7 today. I deleted the Ubuntu partition. Thanks anyway!
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