asus p5k broken capacitor...

i tried to install my 9800GX2 IN MY 3D AURORA 570S and it was too big so i tried to force it in, and i accidentally broke a purple capacitor near the the PCIE slot...

it says EA601 100 16v, anyone knows how and where can i get more info about it and where can i buy a similar one??

can the PC work without this C or is it vital?

oh and i heard that the p5k is a bad board for quad core OC, is that true?
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  1. Imo, RMA the board.
  2. its over 1 year old so it has no warranty (unless it was 3 years but i cant remmember ), and even if it was still under warranty, breaking components on the board cant be covered :sweat:
  3. I dunno dude, depends how badly you damaged it...if it is completely broken off then most likely the circuit is cut and the mobo wont even boot up. If you just damaged the capacitor, ie, popped it then it may start up. Long story short, it isn't worth risking the fire....probably best just to get a new econo board for 100$
  4. I did exactly the same thing - installing a 9800gx2 and breaking a capacitor. Unfortunatly i had to buy a whole new motherboard. I very much doubt your pc will work without it.
  5. do i risk damaging any other part of the pc if i tried to turn it on?

    oh and i completely ripped it off the mobo :pfff:
  6. No it wont be covered under warranty. Capacitors are needed too keep the computer stable. While I know computers can run for a while with some failed capacitors generally it will cause failure of capacitors all around the board which can lead to hardware failures, but eventually the computer will stop booting.

    If you have a really hot soldering Iron you should be able to remove the old cap and replace it. you may be able to find your capacitor their. I believe its most critical to match capacitance but it may be by ohms I don't really remember. This site has good instructions on how to replace a capacitor.

    GL :S

    BTW I believe there are some sites that specialize in motherboard repair, its fairly easy to do but you would have to have soldering equipment and all that jazz which could get a bit expensive.
  7. more ideas??
  8. Its probably a 100 micro farad 16 volt capacitor get a high quality capacitor from a local electronics shop or the internet, if you install it make sure you have the polarity correct if its polarised.
  9. Same problem here, same Videocard, same capacitor, a Gigabyte motherboard. This GX2 is a pain to mount and unmount, my first one was defective so I pulled it like 10-15 times to make tests.
    Did you fix your board? It is a 100 uf capacitor. Cap-Elect, polymer, 16v, surface mount, Radial. Found it at Digi-key, catalog number 565-3210-1-ND, minimum 5 pieces is the order, cut-tape packaging, runs for about 5 $ for all 5.
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