Does my HDD need to meet a shotgun? Fresh Vista install failed after

The drive is 3 years old now, it's a 320GB out of an HP desktop. I'll try to keep this short, but being succinct is not one of my strong points. A week or two ago, my HP crashed err2err3 which I think was precipitated by a video card being out of place for 15 minutes with everything running. Of course, it's possible the two events are coincidental. I have a new board, CPU, PSU, RAM, and case. My restore CD's failed because, well, it's Microsoft and HP and I replaced all the hardware. A retail Vista CD let me fix the MBR and a few repair installs failed. The only thing abnormal with the report was a probable failure due to hardware change. I went through a fresh install which completed after 5 hours. It claims to have installed successfully. Loading Vista now comes to the screen with the green bars moving left to right and they go once smoothly and then stop/jump for as longas I have let it go (~15mins.) Repair install failed again. Windows.old folder seems to be complete, and I backed up as much data as I could through the command prompt. Prior to the fresh install, chkdsk found only some indexes that appeared to be free space, but no other corruptions. Also, a few file names were corrupt when I was manually retrieving data.

Is the drive dead? I have not formatted it yet, and was wondering if that is my only other option. I'd like to launch it into the sun if anyone has a spare rocket ;-p Otherwise, I plan on harvesting the neo magnets and attaching the drive to a target (or just a post...)

I'd appreciated any comments or possibilities anyone can come up with for the nature or cause of the damage. I will be getting a new HDD today regardless of what happens to the current one. But I'd like to save the ammunition if possible. :cry:
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    Test the old drive after installing windows on the new drive. Now if you have problems with the new drive then double check all the cables and bios settings. Make sure everything is correct.
  2. Just lost my reply due to NoScript ;-( Basically, it's good advice. I installed 7 and it failed, I found that the AHCI controller was a common issue with some SATA drives and windows. Running in IDE mode solved the problem (well... it runs) I formatted the disk after 7 failed to boot (installed just fine.) Now my bootmgr is on the old disk (the only thing on it...) but Win 7 installed on another drive. I can't boot without both drives in, and I can't repair the boot record or transfer the system files over?

    Anyway, thanks for the advice. Now I have to look into why I can't run any drive with AHCI and a microsoft OS (I tried a few from friends, all fail exactly the same way.)
  3. You probably lost your reply due to this site not supporting proper HTTP caching, a technique that has been around for more than a decade. To circumvent this issue, try installing the BetterCache firefox addon, it will remove the anti-caching headers of this site and allow you to press back/forward without losing your text in the replybox. It may require you to F5 regularly though.

    It appears you had some filesystem corruption though, did you reformat all the HDDs you had connected to the PC while installing Vista? If you didn't, i would recommend you did. Filesystem corruption can be dormant and hit you in the back when you don't expect it.
  4. Yes, everything was formatted, and not the cheap 15 second vista repair format either... While you may be correct about the HTTP cache, it was NoScript that caused the problem (I can navigate now w/o a problem with this site whitelisted.)
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