Whats your gaming resolution?

I just wanted to get a general picture of what resolution is most common.
Are you content with the resolution and size of your monitor?
how often do you upgrade your monitor?
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  1. I play at 1680x1050 and couldn't be happier. Since the resolution is considerably lower than 1920x1200 thus requiring less GHP (graphical horsepower) I saved some cash on the graphics card and bought some games instead. I'm running an 8800GT 512 paired with a E4600. My monitor is the 20" SyncMaster 2053BW by Samsung.

    -1680x1050 seems like a popular resolution. As of right now, it's 4 votes for 1680x1050 and 1 vote for 1440x900.
  2. I play 1680x1050 on an E6600 and 9600GT. My monitor is the Samsung 2253BW, a nice monitor but it often makes a high-pitched noise when it's not on.
  3. I game @ 1440*900, my specs are E8400, 2GB DDR2 800 RAM, 8800GT 512MB, Gigabyte EX38-DS4 mobo and all games expect the monster Crysis, run @ 60fps or greater @ all full max settings
  4. 1680x1050 running an Acer F-20 Monitor, 20" Widescreen, I believe.

    I won't think i'll be upgrading until 2 years.
    Running on:
    Q6600 @ 3,0ghz with Tuniq Tower @ 1200rpm
    2x 1gb Corsair XMS2
    EVGA Geforce 8800GTS 512

    Lovely monitor, expensive, but doesn't hurt my eyes and good image quality.
  5. I play on a 32inch 720p LCD HDTV, works damn well, since I sit about 8 feet away from it on my couch.

    Running on:
    E6300 @3.4Ghz with Scythe Andy Samurai
    Evga 680i SLI Rev. A1
    4x 512mb Corsair XMS2
    Visiontek 3850 512mb @ 720/950
    Antec 900
  6. Sorry to hijack this, but as you guys have panels at 20" a lot I wanna know if the text on a 20" is too small for you guys. I will get one soon. BTW is the Samsung 2032BW ok? I can't find a 2052BW over here.
  7. My gaming resolution is to buy a 4870 x2, and Fallout 3 on release day !
  8. 1900 x 1200 for me on a 24" samsung. I wouldnt go any less. I run it on a 8800gts 640mb. Everything runs great on high or max settings.
  9. well thanks...I save my brainy stuff for exseepeeewes, but i hardly go there...hehe. Not as much fun of here as it is in the basement, but much less depraved btw...
  10. 17" acer lcd @ 1280 x 1024.

    Just recently bought a new computer, but couldn't afford a new monitor, tbh I'm happy enough for now though.

    2 gb DDR 2
    xp 32 bit
  11. Quote:
    Sorry to hijack this, but as you guys have panels at 20" a lot I wanna know if the text on a 20" is too small for you guys. I will get one soon.

    Ive got a 26" and if i cant read something online i just change resolution to 1024x768. That combined with sitting 2 feet away from the screen, youd have to be blind to miss something. Heck i can read this sentence halfway across the room. I normally have to keep my distance a bit to avoid hurting my eyes. :lol:

    almost forgot the quote...
  12. 1280x1024. It's the native resolution of my 19" monitor, so the image is optimial at that point. No reason to go any higher.

    Btw, is anyone else having problems with first person shooters on widescreen? I get nauseous on it every time. Someone suggested it has to do with the movement on the two sides as you move forward. :p
  13. I don't get nauseous, I could never go back to 4:3, much less 5:4.
  14. 19" 1440x900. I have no complaints, I can get some good FPS at that res in games like Crysis and I don't need xfire. I would love to bump up to a 1680 but my wife would kick my face in and throw me down the stairs if I came home with a new monitor. My 19" might "break" soon though if I find a good deal on a 22".... :ange:
  15. 1600x1200 18.5in viewable screen. Bought this flat panel CRT monitor down at a thrift store for $17, didn't have the money to buy a new monitor after building my cheap budget gaming comp.

    Had to look like an idiot in the thrift store pulling out a pen and paper to write down all the model numbers and researching them. And than coming back with the laptop to test for dead pixels, just to make sure I got a good monitor. I must idmit though it was well worth it.
  16. I went from a 17" flat CRT (1280*1024) to a 22" LCD (1680*1050); and I find that while its nice to have a better gaming and being able to see more detail - the improvement I appreciated most was not having to sit as close to my PC to read text.
  17. 1680x1050 on my main screen, 1920x1200 if I use my laptop screen (which, despite the higher res, is dimmer and far worse for color, contrast and viewing angle, which is why I use the main screen). I'm hoping to upgrade to a 24" or 30" IPS or PVA at some point, but I don't have the money right now.
  18. 1920x1200 on my 24" Yuraku - Was a bargain price of under £200

    Most games nowadays support this res, but bf2142 didnt untill its most recent patch.

    Plugged into a 3850X2 all games run @ max settings @ that res with no problems.
  19. 1280x1024 is enough for me...
  20. 2560x1600 whenever the system will handle it. bioshock is beautiful at this res.
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