X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty, Vista 64-bit, and Z-5500. Please help.

I've tried to install the software off of the disk that came with the sound card mentioned in the thread title. The system says that drivers are installed and up to date after I run the updating software. I register/validate the product. I try to open the software (name the Console) that came with the sound card and it doesn't work. Has anyone had problems with this setup? What worked in your experience?
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  1. Download the latest drivers from creative.com for Vista x64, then install Alchemy for Vista x64, then the console launcher software for Vista x64 and you should be fine.
  2. I have the latest drivers from creative.com, they work great. Download them as well. They have been recently updated between July 29th to August 1st.
  3. The downloaded drivers won't work with the Titanium; the only current working Titanium drivers are from the CD.

    OP: Try going into the device manager. Do you see a disabled entry for the Creative X-Fi, perhaps under System Devices? If so, enable it, and restart your computer. Your installed creative apps should work fine then.
  4. i have same set up and had same trouble Download the beta drivers m8 posted 11th sept work fine i couldnt change mode or anything
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