Will this combo WORK E510 PSU GPU


and this


the watts is good but the amps...?

I need a cheap or under 70-maybe 80 dollar cheap PSU that would power that nice card and have some extra watts

I have a dell dimension e510 with 2 dvd drives or w.e a floppy 4 ram slots intel pentium4 3.2ghz, 24 pin mobo, need like 550+ (prefer 600-650+) watts and I think 26amps for card? (12v)

any other questions needed for specs or w,e PLEASE reply and help cuz dell forums really is crap sometimes..
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  1. Please help me somone as the combined +12v is like 36 but Idk if the video card takes the combined or w,e Some pretty high tech people said the PSU and Card are good but Idk if they looked at the needed volts and amps!
  2. Deal of the year PC Power & Cooling 610W

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  3. THAT Does not help me I need answers not ads!

    Can you combine the total amps of 2 or 3 12v rails or w.e so it can equal the minimium for a vid card?!
  4. Ohh, gonna get tons of help with attitude like that.

    And you got a Dell to boot.

    What is w.e?
  5. W.e is whatever and I don't understand what you said someone didn't answer my question but rather stated that a good PSU was on sale... I want an answer to my QUESTION not a recommendation to a different PSU at a different site...
  6. You are an idiot, let me explain why.

    First, you posted a link to a absolute garbage Rosewill PSU that is not even fit for your junk Dell PC.
    Second, you asked, and I quote:
    skullfire987 said:
    I need a cheap or under 70-maybe 80 dollar cheap PSU that would power that nice card and have some extra watts... need like 550+ (prefer 600-650+) watts and I think 26amps for card?
    I linked you to an absolutely top of the line PSU that is exactly what you asked for and in your requested budget. I have paid $129 for two of them, $119 for another and have seen them sold for much more.

    So you respond with:
    skullfire987 said:
    THAT Does not help me I need answers not ads!
    What the hell are you talking about? I directly answered your question with the deal of the year. And you chose to give me crap for stopping you from buying that absolute garbage Rosewill.

    Sorry I bothered to respond at all. I will remember not to next time.

    Why don't you just get the Rosewill it will be a good match.
  7. Holy ... crap. I'm terribly sorry I thought you may have been someone who advertises other sites... And 2 ppl said that that psu would work and be fine o.o... Thanks for explaining how stupid I am though... One more question does the rebate usually work for things like this?

    I guess I should have checked it out more, sorry I offended two people only trying to help. If you don't want to help further at least I see why. >.<....

    Uhm... if anyone could be kind to a dumb jerk like me and tell me if that video card is good or a piece of crap also that would be nice...

    also Uhm why is my dell a piehole too? I thought it was pretty good I got it in 2004 and it seemed to work fine just needed better PSU RAM and GPU no?
  8. Again, EXTREMELY sorry I thank you now sooo much for that deal It is exactly what I am looking for its high quality super deal and will work for years :D :bounce: :(
  9. I don't know why I'm even posting this, but that card only draws 61W or ~5A. The wattage that is quoted for that card by the manufacturer is the combined 12V on all rails, and you can't just add the rails together because the total 12V wattage is less.

    I would say that you can probably run it with the PSU in the machine. Although you will need two free Molex connectors to plug in the PCIe power adapter that comes with the card.

    If you change the PSU to any other be ready to get out the Dremel or a hacksaw because the proprietary a..holes at Dell make sure that the back of the case doesn't fit anything except their own PSUs. It can be done it just requires some triming of the back edge where the plug goes. Maybe not, but probably.
  10. I just saw your post, all is forgotten. I was certainly surprised by your initial response.

    I don't shill for Newegg :lol:

    Rebates rebates, you will probably get it sooner or later. I always look at the rebate price, but I never send them in. Too much like work, I guess that doesn't do me much good, aye?
  11. shill..?

    and Are you sure its 5 amps O.O becuase on the site Im sure it says 24amps but maybe thats the oced version?

  12. http://www.evga.com/products/moreInfo.asp?pn=512-P3-N861-AR&family=GeForce%209%20Series%20Family

    this says 26amps... So I guess I will get that PSU that you so tfully suggested and this card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130334 I can't wait to play cod 4 on super good setting with high frame rate (1024x768 least its not 800x600 LOL)
  13. Read my post more closely I said that the 26A is the total combined 12V for the PSU and that you can't just add the rails together. The card draws what I said, it is not a very powerful card.

    Do you have the specs for that PSU somewhere?
  14. Ok IDK I will go with the card you linked me too but the GPU seems pretty high-end for gamers I mean not many ppl have over 512mb 256bit 1.8ghz memory ect. So why are you saying its not a bit of a high end card I mean its about as good as an ati radeon hd 4850 or 70?
  15. If it was me, I would buy the PC P&C 610W. It will serve you well with any single card configuration, now and probably well into the future. Use it in your next custom PC.
  16. So just to be sure that and the card I put up is a great choice for good deals and gaming on fairly high end graphics?

    now I got like a 128mb pro ati card T.T and a 305w PSU I would love removable pieces of hardware for my next computer in around 2 years (as you can probably tell I am 14) when I get a nice job to pay for useless stuff like this :)
  17. You are right dell sucks, however I think I like intel CPUS all i really would like to know is what case dealer is good...
  18. A 305W PSU? That is smaller than I thought. I was basing it off of the 36A that you gave in your first post and I downgraded that to about 30-32. You are not likely to get 30A from a 305W PSU.

    I would definitely recommend getting a new PSU, you may be able to squeeze it but the PSU will be running close to full load during heavy gaming.

    I'm certainly no expert on VGAs but I believe that the 4850 more closely matches the 9800GTX.

    ATI HD4870 & HD4850 Crossfire Performance Review - Page 5 - Hardware Canucks
    Bottom of the page single card comparison 3DMark 06.

    If you want to know where the 9600GT card stands you will need to search for some reviews or post a question about specifically where it places.
  19. skullfire987 said:
    You are right dell sucks, however I think I like intel CPUS all i really would like to know is what case dealer is good...
    I don't know what you mean.

    By the way here is the definition of shill.
  20. OK ty I will definately be getting that PSU I am just not 100% about the card (i mean i have bad luck with getting stuff like this to work)... But the PSU would fit and the card would fit and work right?

    Ty for comparison
  21. I meant that for my next comp it'd be custom built not a dell case etc. And I would use an intel CPU but idk what mobo I don't know the difference between mobo and CPU exactly lol.......
  22. By the time your ready to get something new that will all have changed anyway.

    If your not going to get the card then I would pass on the PSU. They will be on sale again. like I said you will have to cut the back lip of the case a little for clearance, it's a little aggravating to do for no reason.

    Also, you need to make sure that you have a PCIe slot to put the card into. That mobo has on board graphics right? And then Physically measure the clearance in the case and compare it to whatever card you want.

    You should also measure the clearance of the case for the PSU to be sure it will fit.

    That card is probably a good choice due to the resolution that you want to run. A much faster card may run into CPU bottlenecks, but there are others that can advise you better on that.

    Set the PSU aside for now, knowing that you have until the 15th to place your order for it, and post in the graphics section about your card choice and the relative performance and possible CPU bottleneck from a faster card, assuming you have the spare cash for one anyway.

    Good luck with it.
  23. Ty and I hope I don't have to cut my case just to fit this cuz that would be a hassle :<
  24. actually i measured etc and the PSU should fit fine :D with a little bit of length space to spare (without disrupting wires lol)... Gonna check GPU card soon, but Idk my graphix card just looks raw with no labels and stuff.... just one slot I thik though but thats really all i need atm. TY
  25. card should fit and work I think we got this after about me doing over 18 hours of research TYVM you are 1 of 3 VIP in my book :D
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