Hard Drive Conundrum: What to keep!?

I currently have the following hard drives:

1. Maxtor DiamondMax 10, 300 gb, 16 mb cache, 7200 rpm
2. Raptor X, 150 gb, 16 mb cache, 10000 rpm
3. Raptor X, 150 gb, 16 mb cache, 10000 rpm
4. Raptor, 74 gb, 16 mb cache, 10000 rpm

The Maxtor is out of warranty. The two Raptor X's are fully warrantied until 2013. The regular Raptor is warrantied until 2011.

What drives should I keep? I don't want to do any type of RAID setup.

I'm thinking, keep one Raptor X 150 gb for Windows + games, and use the Maxtor 300 gb for storage (mostly pics and work-related stuff). I'd like to keep BOTH the Raptor X's, but the extra 150 GB of storage from the Maxtor is nice, plus it runs a lot quieter and cooler. I only have room in my comp to store 2 hard drives, because one of the 3.5" slots is taken up by a floppy drive.

I would be selling the other Raptor X and the Raptor. I don't feel like buying any other hard drives for the time being, because I don't need more gb space and I'm lazy.

What say you guys?

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  1. If you don't use the floppy you might be able to slide a hard drive into that slot. You could also look for 5 1/4 adapters and put the drive in where the dvd drives go.
    I would drop the 74 gb raptor.
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