Perc 6/i with 2TB SATA drives

Will a PERC 6/i controller support 2 TB SATA drives? I'm looking to create a 8 x 2 TB RAID 5 array.
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  1. Hi, I am planning on the same. Is this possible and what are the best SATA 2TB drives to use?

    Regards, Chris.
  2. Yes it works, I did it with 6 2 TB drives on a perc 6i in a Dell T410. Keep in mind if you are using VMware direct/local dsk you have to divide the raid 5 volume into 2TB vdisk as that is the max vm will use as a datastore.
  3. Thanks Tom_35 . Saves having to spend money without knowing the outcome. Any advice on SATA drives to use? I am looking to maximise storage space and keep costs down (SATA) but not at the expense of performance.
  4. Yeah, the PERC 6/i are good up to 2 TB with sata and 3TB with SAS. Im currently running a 5 x 2TB raid 6 on my PowerEdge c2100. Using open manage i have the whole thing as 1 virtual disk. works great. Im currently using some Hitachi enterprise drives. Dirt Cheap at 50-60 per drive.
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