Need to install Modem CD drivers? Advantages/disadvantages???

Hi I have a Modem with a build in router and have installed the driver cd on to my computer. But I now have a second new computer and all I do is plug in the entherent cord into the PC and get the interent like that.

I was wondering wat is the point in the modem cd drivers if the modem works on a PC with its drivers not installed???
Doe the drivers only need to be installed to configure the modem some how? then it is fine to use on other PCs?

My main concern is, with the modem/router drivers installed do I get better secruity or some sort. Its NOT a wireless modem/router but wired via a etherent cable. Its a ADSL one.

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  1. Your modem probably has a USB connection as well as an Ethernet one. You would only need the drivers CD for the USB connection.

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