overclocking amd phenom II 920

i want to get my amd phenom II 920 to at least 3.5ghz and i dont know wht to set the frequency to or the voltage to please help. i dont know how to oveclock but my fsb speed is at 215 whick sets the speed to 3.00ghz.

amd phenom II 920 @3.00ghz
asus m3a78-t motherboard
evga gtx 260
bfg 550w psu
cooler master haf 932

I also have the spin q and i idle around 30c if that is ok for ovecloclicking and rarely get above 45c
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  1. Drop frequency to 200 and up multiplyer to 17.5
  2. cpu voltage at 1.35 that will give you 3.5 ghz run your Hypertransport to 4000mhz

    hope you can keep it cool........... my Spin-q will not
  3. ^-1 multi is not unlocked

    for 3.5GHz you will have to do 250(Base Clock)x14(multiplier)
    you will have to lower the Hypertransport down a tad, for stability, try using 1.375v and either go up or down from there based on stability (Prime95), if unstable raise voltage, if stable lower voltage until it is unstable then up it again
  4. I stand corrected didnt think about locked multi
  5. uhmm i am locked... how can i lower hyper thread? also lower by a tad? hehe sorry what does that mean?

    my cooler is gigabyte G power 2, pro cooler.. can it be overclock up to 3.5ghz? 24/7 open?? room temp 30c.. haha

    same processor me.. amd phenom II 2.8ghz
  6. Read THIS, you processor isn't BE, so, is a little dificult OC it.
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