Nvidia chipset 750i vs Intel P45 who is the winner?

Hello there!

I was wondering which of these 2 motherboard would better suite an Nvidia GTX 260 and an Intel Quad Core Q9450?

1st Motherboard:
Asus P5N-D

2nd Motherboard:
Asus P5Q

I am not considering SLI, but is it possible that an Nvidia Graphic card would run better on an the Nvida chipset motherboard? Or the P5Q P45 would be a better choice?

Thanks you for you help,
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  1. Which one do you prefer, why? Personally I'd choose the P45 chipset for stability and performance.

    I use an SLI Nvidia chipset, on the off chance I might use SLI. But I have always, correctly, chosen to upgrade the single card rather than use two.
  2. intel boards/chipsets are known to be more stable than the nvidia ones. and if sli is a non-issue for you, then a P45 would be a good buy.
  3. +1 for P45. Especially if you dont need SLI. The P45 board is a bit cheaper and should be better quality (8-phase vs 4-phase power regulation). Also the P45 should have a combination of more and/or better NB/SB features.

  4. If you are going to (eventually) run in SLI, then you have no choice but to use an nVidia Mobo. If you aren't wedded to SLI (2 nVidia GPU's), then dollar for dollar an Intel P45 is clearly a better motherboard. Period, end of discussion.
  5. According to Tom's 2 x 4850's is the best bang for the buck if you want 2 video cards. So, the P45 chip set MB.
    Unless you wait for the x58 MB's with (some) both Crossfire and SLI capable and a Nehalem to go.
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