Upgrading computer... not sure what cpu and other stuff to change..

Hi, ive did some reading but still so unsure what components to change. any experts out there? 8)

I started playing age of conan and my machine just doesn't cut it... I bought a newer video card and it did help alot but still not very playable. anyhow heres specs.

I hoped all I'd have to change are the top 3 things but lemme know

Pd960 3.6 gig intel cpu
p5n32-sli deluxe motherboard ( of course I bought the one that doesn't support the newer chips 8/ )
4 gigs of 667 ddr2 ram

hoping this stuff can all stay.

300 gig barracuda sata hd
antec 900 case
antec tru-power 550 watt psu ( prolly kinda low but figure hopefully its fine since only one vcard )
creative xfi extreme audio soundcard.
evga 8800gts 512mb vcard ( went from a 8600 gts this helped alot but still getting bad lag in game )

pretty much whats the best cpu/motherboard/ram I could go with ( without having to OC since im a noob sorta to pcs lol )

thanks alot experts
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  1. it looks lke your cpu is bottlenecking your graphics card, look into an upgrade from pentium d to core to duo, the E6600 is nice.
  2. Overclocking is so easy a 12 year old and can it now.

    If you are going with Vista ditch the sound card. Creatives drivers suck, but they are extra bad for Vista.

    How much you want to spend on this upgrade?

    Budget: E7200
    Higher End: E8400

    Motherboard: MSI Neo-3R P45
  3. ah ty ya I'll spend whatever... figure more I spend now the longer it will last so ya.

    ty very much ill look into those. and what about ram?

    ya I use xp atm the 32 one im sure.
  4. oh thats e8500
  5. Good motherboard- thats the one I picked. Sorry for no link.

    E8400 instead of E8500.
  6. k ty
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