8800 gts 640 low fps performance


I'm trying to run Company of Heroes with everything maxed but it lags

I just upgraded to vista and was looking forward to run Company of Heroes with directx 10 :-(

here is my specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte ga-p35-ds3r
CPU: Intel core 2 quad
Graphic: Inno3d 8800 gts 640 mb
Ram: 4 gb corsair dominater
Audio: x-fi extreme music

what is wrong? even tested my computers setup at nvidias "can you run it" and it was way better then optimal marker it hited the roof....so it beats my I don't run it?

Plz help :-)
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  1. I also have a 8800 gts 640... and it completely owns... but it still can't play some games max... for one... the can u run it sucks... it says I can play crysis at max... WHICH I CANT... so don't believe that

    what i'm pissed about is I had my gpu stable at core:shader:memory @ 650/1700/1000

    and now its not stable UNLESS its @ default settings... so from that alone I lose 30 % in almost every single game... so i'm pretty ticked off about that... cause if it was heat related... I should beable to just oc it a lil less... but it idles @ 52.... and loads at like 65... so its not heat related in my opinion...

    I don't know what to do... the 8800 gts 640 plays most games max... but not all... and I think company of heroes is one of them... and thats w/o direct x 10... adding that it just makes it even harder for the old 8800 gts 640
  2. Well, the early GTS (320mb, 640mb) really arent that great. I mean its a fine card but the G92 cards slay it. However Company of Heroes isnt all that new, but then again you are trying to run it in DX10 at max, and I dont see the G80 GTS capable of that, not even a G92. Early DX10 games have horrible optimization, ill blame it on the software before I blame it on the card.
  3. but i read in another forum about a guys with 8800 gts and almost the same setup as me running it with everything maxed and he had no problem....he had some with wow but that's another story :-)
  4. and that was with dx10 and everything
  5. Could always try different drivers.
  6. different driver? which?
  7. You should be able to run DX9 maxed (my old 8600 GT can, running on a Pentium D...), but don't expect much DX10 preformance out of that card. IF you want good DX10 preformance, spend the extra $100 and SLI two of them together.
  8. dx9 maxed is no problem :-) but this other guy could...is it something to do with vista?
  9. I mean he could run it maxed in dx10 with the same card
  10. Just go to the nvidia website and try the newest drivers.
  11. Don't feel to bad I only get around 60fps with my GTX 280 in DX10 at 1680x1050, try turning down a few settings, it looks great either way

    (last time I played it on my old computer with a 7800GTX then seeing it totally maxed out I wasn't nearly as blown away as I was with other games.)
  12. my average is 23fps with everything maxed
  13. 45fps is max and 10fps is minimum
  14. does it help if I overclock it?
  15. my average is 68fps max145 and min30. These are with my setup running the game on max with 16x10res and 4x AA 8x AF.

    EDIT: Dx9 though ^.^
  16. what should i turn down....without loosing too much sweetness :-) what is AA? what does it do?
  17. Vista, from my experience, runs games a little slower than XP. Simply because Vista eats up more resources.

    I ran Company of Heroes with my setup (below in signature) without a problem. Far as I recall, it's all maxed. Not sure if I played it DX9 or DX10 honestly. And at that time I only had 2GB of RAM, where as I now have 4GB.

    Here's the reality. Vista and DX10 both eat resources. Although the 8800GTS (G80) is a decent card, DX10 simply takes a lot of resources. All the current titles that truly run DX10 tax all the video cards.

    So if you're running an avg of 23FPS @ max everything on DX10 I'd say you're doing just right.
  18. Bigzer said:
    what should i turn down....without loosing too much sweetness :-) what is AA? what does it do?

    AA = Anti-Aliasing

    It makes the edges of objects appear more smooth, thus creating a "sharper" image. It taxes the video card more than most things I think. Though that is affected by driver versions and stuff too.

    I usually find that in most games I can reduce "Shadows" and get decent FPS gains, without really losing much in the way of overall graphical splendor.

    I'm at work, so I can't look at the CoH settings options. But, if there's options for how long dead bodies show, or how many, you can usually reduce those and save a little bit.

    Try reducing Shadows if possible, and perhaps reduce AA to a lower number. You'll notice decent FPS gains I'd guess.
  19. ok thanks alot I'll try adjusting my settings :-) but can i also adjust something in vista to help? I've turned off the sidebar and set it to "adjust for best performance" but are there some adjustments in vista that can help on my fps in the game
  20. and would overclocking help?
  21. If i remember correctly, DX10 in COH is insanely costly fps wise, with actually very little difference in IQ (as in my 8600 gts used to get 4 fps in the performance test :D)
  22. Settings in Vista itself probably won't affect things much. Far as I know, but I'm kinda new to Vista myself. What can help though is turning off as much background stuff as you can. So, if you've got Quickbooks or some other useless program that's loaded into memory in the backyard (or in your taskbar) shut it down.

    Overclocking can help, but probably not by any "substantial" margins.

    Let's say overclocking your video card yields a 15% increase in FPS (this is an example only). You'd go from an average of 23FPS to 26.45FPS (23*1.15=26.45) So unless you can pull off a huge OC, you probably won't see a large increase. That won't even necessarily give you a 3FPS increase in every game either.

    Overclocking shouldn't hurt your performance, but you'll probably not see anything huge for results. Your best bet to increase performance is either A) Upgrade video card, or B) reduce graphic settings in the game.
  23. ok thanks alot :-)
  24. When I overclock my 8000GTS G92 512mb card I can get anywhere from 5fps to 10fps increase...
  25. when I overclock my 8800 gts 640... I get a 30 % increase...

    on average its over 10 fps... and sometimes I get upwards of 20... in crysis I got an astounding 60% increase... went from 29 fps on medium @ 19x12 to 47 fps on medium @ 19x12... so OCing can really help
  26. My setup:

    8800GT 512
    2x1GB Crucial Ballistix

    All maxed out settings DX10 with 4xAA I get 35FPS AVG.

    With DX9 it's like 60FPS AVG with 40FPS MIN with 4xAA and the MIN goes lower when I add more AA but not the AVG.
  27. I want to add that DX10 looks exactly like DX9 to me during normal gameplay. If I look very closely at the pixels, I can see smoother textures and different lightning but that's it. During normal gameplay I can't notice anything different besides slower frame rates when FPS dips.
  28. This is not a problem with your card, it is a problem with CoH. CoH for DX10 is horribly optimized. What you're getting for frame rates is perfectly normal. If you switch back to DX9 you'll see those rates double at least. To be honest the graphical difference is not worth it. I owned that same card you have, then bought one of the new GTSs, and now I have a 4850 and all of them have trouble in CoH in DX10. It's not worth it, trust me.
  29. ok let's hope they get it fixed :-)
  30. Don't hold your breath. Free support to us is dead money to them.
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