I am confused please help ???????


i have q6600 G0 cpu and OCZ SLI-Ready 4GB Kit DDR2 PC2-6400 memory and asus p5n-t motherboard.i wana change my q6600 to q9650 and then overclock it to 4ghz.so my question is do i have to buy better ram which can go for higher fsb or can i overclock my curent ocz ddr2 800 ram?or do i have to go for PC2-8.500 ddr2 ram so that i shall overclock my new q9650 @ 4ghz on air.my specs are..

zalman 9700led
ocz sli ready ddr2-00 ram
asus p5n-t board
xfx gtx260 core 216 tri SLI
corsair tx-850 psu

and i want to change these things

from q6600 to q9650
zalman 9700 led to coolermaster v8
asus p5n-t i think is ok.....
and i am confussed in ram ????

if i have to buy PC2-8.500 ram so which one shall i buy then...?i mean kingston,corsair, ocz reaper,Mushkin xp2 etc,etc.

please help me.....
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  1. Asus P5N-T is a 780i Nvidia chipset motherboard. You can unlink the RAM and keep it at 800mhz, while working on the CPU overclock.

    This doesn't mean that you shouldn't get faster RAM. Getting faster ram does give you headroom to run a 1:1 Ratio while overclocking.

    If you do decide to get new RAM, I've read good things about this OCZ Blade kit:

  2. you can run fsb 400 mhz (1600 for 3.2 at x8 multiplier)
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