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Hi all , I am gonna buy a new motherboard That support DDr3 ram . Witch on I shall take? , and What kind of cpu will work very well with the ddr3 , amd or intel???
Thank u
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  1. Currently intel is the only one that supports ddr3. Amd will only support it when they release the AM3 socket.
  2. Intel CPUs, yes. You can choose a couple of different boards that will take DDR3 - 790i, some X48, some P45.

    Why get a board that supports DDR3? Why not build one with DDR2? If you are "future proofing," then maybe wait a few more weeks for Nehalem. Right now DDR3 prices are outrageous for the performance, especially with DDR2 so cheap right now.
  3. I agree with huron. Your system is plenty powerful enough to last for a couple of months more, by that time DDR3 will be even cheaper and you can get a core i7 cpu as well.
  4. Right now you would get more of a benefit out of upgrading your video card. Wait for DDR3 to come down in price and the new Intel X58 boards come out as well as the AMD socket AM3
  5. You could get a DDR3 motherboard and 4 GB of DDR3 and an E8400:

    GA-X48T-DQ6, $321 after shipping

    E8400, $170

    OCZ NVIDIA SLI-Ready Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1800 (PC3 14400), $330

    Total $821. This would make sure you get 15 fps in Crysis at 1680x1050 with medium quality, instead of 12 or 14 fps you're probably getting now. Not a very intelligent use of the cash.

    Or you could buy a HD 4870 for $300 and leave your MB, RAM and CPU alone because they're just fine. You'd get 45 fps at 1920x1200, again in Crysis with medium settings. I'm guessing around 50fps at 1680x1050.

    Edit: that's because your system is massively bottlenecked in games by the 8600GT. Any money spent elsewhere is wasted, it will just make the bottleneck more spectacular.
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