Partial SOUND.... how come???

Hello, I have an issue with my sound. I have two set of speakers one is a set of 2 and the other one a set of 3 with the subwoofer. I plug 1 of the set on the green and the other one for rear or bass either way. Set up the device, test the speakers with the blackHawk program all the speakers sound. When I put any other program itunes, or media player, the speakers on the green port are the only ones that have sound.
Suggestions please.
Many thanks.

I have an ASUS P5k3 Deluxe/ running Vista Ultimate
suggestions please,
many thanks
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  1. I have the same problem when i try using 'quad' sound. Came to the conclusion that the drivers must be at fault
  2. Forgot to add: you must select 'speaker fill' when you want to have surround sound from a stereo source.
    Mine is under the speaker config tab, underneath the tv and speaker pic.
  3. The reason is that you are only listening to a 2 channel sound source. If you play a DVD or other multi channel file you should get all the speakers on.

    While speaker fill works, I find it to be quiet and kind of distorted(i only tested it under vista).

    A lazy solution for when running 2.1 audio is to just tell the realtek control panel the green and black are both front :p. This does not upmix but instead mirrors. It is a personal preference, but that is what I would do.

    That is the one thing that keeps me with my Audigy 2zs is its upmix/mirror abilities. Other then that onboard has come to a point where it is good enough for most users.
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