Couple questions regarding intel x25 g2

I recently returned my x25 g1 to newegg due to some defects and after reading about it i think there were actually no defects but maybe i need to update my intel controller? What happened when i first started to install windows was that it didn't detect the drive. Eventually, i had to install windows on a HDD to format my SSD then i could install windows on my SSD. Somehow the SSD only showed to have 5gb of space even though it was supposed to be 80gb. Could someone point me in the right direction as how to do the intel controller uprade? I have an Asus P6T.

My second question is that i noticed that the x25 g2's are completely sold out everywhere and i also read that the current x25 g2's do not support TRIM yet. I know intel has not released a date yet for TRIM but should I wait for TRIM to be released and the new batch of X25 G2's to be relased before I buy it? It seems that many sellers are charging way about retail for the item!

Lastly, I plan on installing windows 7 ultimate and aion, i think windows 7 ultimate would take up to 30gb of space with a full install and i would need another 15gb or so space for aion. Would it be a wise idea to go with the 160gb as opposed to the 80gb? The cost seems to be relatively big jump.
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  1. (1) The intel G1 can not be upgraded to work with trim. The G2 can. So good move to return G!.

    (2) I missed what version of windows you were tring to install. - Had no problems installing win 7 on a patriot Torqx (Trim inabled) on a laptop. - Process was no different than for a regualar HDD.

    (3) the Patriot Torqx (128 G) and the OCV Vortex (120 G) are viable options. The are not as fast (primarly on 4k random read/writes) but the trade off is large size at considerably lower cost than the 160 gig Intel. (Not Intels 160 gig is only about 144 gigs while the OCZ votrtex is as advertized 120 Gigs.
  2. I was trying to install windows 7. I read some more into updating the intel (matrix) controller. Do I grab those files from the asus website or from intel's?
  3. Either/or as both should work, I generally use the latest which is normally from Intel
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