What kind of motherboard does this comp have?

My friend just got a computer second hand and the ethernet port does not work on it. In the device manager it shows that the drivers are not there.

All I know about it is it has a 9600GT nvidia graphics card. I also got this little bit from a aida32 scan. Is there anything I can do to find out? I'm hoping someone might know what type of motherboard chipset this computer has so I can download the drivers to bring to him. Thanks

--------[ Motherboard ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Motherboard Properties:
Motherboard ID 05/13/2008-MCP73-6A61I0J1C-00
Motherboard Name Unknown

Front Side Bus Properties:
Bus Type Intel GTL+
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 250 MHz
Effective Clock 250 MHz
Bandwidth 2000 MB/s

--------[ Memory ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Physical Memory:
Total 2046 MB
Used 352 MB
Free 1694 MB
Utilization 17 %

Swap Space:
Total 3939 MB
Used 208 MB
Free 3730 MB
Utilization 5 %

Virtual Memory:
Total 5985 MB
Used 560 MB
Free 5424 MB
Utilization 9 %

--------[ BIOS ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BIOS Properties:
BIOS Type Award
Award BIOS Type Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Award BIOS Message NVIDIA MCP73V BIOS V1.5
System BIOS Date 05/13/08
Video BIOS Date 02/14/08

BIOS Manufacturer:
Company Name Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Product Information http://www.phoenix.com/en/products/default.htm
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  1. It's a nvidia based board. Get everest @ www.lavalys.com for more info. Check to see if the onboard ethernet port is enabled in bios. There were lots of problems back in the day with nvidias onboard ethernet. Use the info from everest and download the appropriate driver from nvidia's site
  2. If all else fails try a PCI Network Adapter.
  3. Or you can use pc wizard. Or look on the MB .

    Looks like it has a

    Realtek RTL 8211B Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps

    One other way is to check the add/remove to see if drivers are listed there if not remove device from device manger and reboot .

    One other thing I do on a preown is set the bios to preload safe defaults and then set the bios the way I want it.

    Might try this driver.
  4. Look at the board, there will be a name somewhere to let you know the board maker. in most cases you can also see the lan chip it self.
  5. motherboard kinds
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