e5200 release date?

Does anyone know when the e5200 is going to be released?

Supposed to be a beast at OCing!
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  1. maybe I shoud think about replacing my e2160....
  2. You think all the 5200 series chips will be released at the same time? Or will they release one at a time with an improved multiplier/stepping?
  3. E5200 is a processor, not a series. And no, it will not have other 45nm, 800mhz FSB, 2MB cache processors accompanying it. It will be out in it's first commercially available stepping, and Intel will most likely change stepping as improvements are made in the next twelve months or so (that seems like what they have been doing since the onset of the Core architecture.
  4. huron said:

    ECHO ... echo ... echo
  5. time capsule
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