Uses for old hard disks?

I have 4 or 5 old hard drives -- 20GB-40GB 4000rpm -- lying around.

Is there anything useful that can be done with them, apart from throwing them at crows on the lawn?
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  1. Target practice maybe? or tear em apart, and use the platters as coasters. Then use the magnets for the fridge, or the garage to hold tools.
  2. Are they laptop or desktop HD's. At 4000rpm, they sound like laptop drive? Put them in an extenal USB powered caddy and use them as backups?
  3. They may work as external drives.
    Like Pendrives(Though quite heavy...)

    Or sell them if someone takes...

    Even crows deserve more than 20GB:)
  4. i like the tear them apart and use the platters for coasters idea
  5. Fridge magnets and coasters... true technical genius at work :)

    The crows would have just eaten them anyway :D
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