How do you connect Router to Router?

Hello, I just recently bought a new wireless N router, and I have 1 computer, a 360 a wii and a PS3. Since the consoles don't have Wireless N capabilities, how do you connect it via N. (My router supports G, but I want N speeds) Is there a way I can get another router, and connect it to my other router that are both N, and connect the electronics in my room physically instead of wirelessly? If so, how can I do this??, and could you tell me a product I could use?

Thank you soo much.

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  1. You need a N Router that can be put into Bridge mode.

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  3. You will never get 'N speeds' on G hardware.
    The 802.11g supports max. 54 Mbps; this is defined in the standard and can never be more.

    If your N-router supports 802.11g then there is no need for a second router.....I would hook up the consoles to a switch.
    Connect the switch to the N-router.
    That should work.

    Your switch ports should be FastEthernet (100 Mbps) or else you are stuck at 10 Mbps
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