Linksys wireless router bottlenecking my connection speed

I have my desktop hard wired through my router. With this configuration I am getting like 3000-4000 Kbps but when I connect my modem straight into my computer I get like 20000-30000 kbps. Even my wifes wireless connection is 8000-9000 kbps. Why does my router bottleneck my connection so drastically?
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  1. Some routers have better throughput.

    Have you checked for a firmware update?

    I replaced a Netgear FVS318 router with a FVS338 because of the throughput issue.
  2. I bought a Dlink DIR 600 yesterday and now I am flying. I am getting around 28000kbps hard wired through the router and my wife's wireless connection is now at around 19000kbps. I guess it was my router that was the bottleneck. Thanks for the help.
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