Windows Xp-Western Digital External HDD-INTEL Motherboard DP45SG

I have an INTEL Motherboard (DP45SG).

The problem is none of the external USB (i have 3) are recognized on boot-up.

My work-around is to allow windows to load, log-in and then disconnect and reconnect the drives and windows will recognize the drives and all is good. This work-around sucks!

Has anyone experienced this problem?

If so, what was the solution?

This should be a locked solution as I am sure it is occurring all over the world with this configuration.

Windows Xp
INTEL Motherboard DP45SG
C: drive
D: drive
3 Externals

Best regards and thanks in advance should you reply
Orlando, FL
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  1. See if usb devices are enabled in bios. Just out of curiosity are these connected directly to the onboard connectors or a usb hub?
  2. updating your bios is your best bet
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