ICH7 Intel Matrix Raid - Reading it

I'm utterly desperate to get my data back.

I have two 500gb SATA drives on an ICH7 Raid enabled motherboard (Asus PW5D2Premium)

The raid configuration is an Intel Matrix Raid, in two volumes across the two disks.

The first volume is 200gb and Raid 0 Mirrored. ( Contains the OS and data I desperately don't want to lose. )
The second volume is 600gb and Raid 1 Striped. ( I don't mind losing this data as much. )

I need a way to read the data that's on the disks, but I can't boot into windows, and my hardware's on the blink.

Ordinarily I'd just get another machine, put the SATA drive in and copy the data off.

I really need to know what the best solution for getting my data back is, considering I can't just boot this system, there's something seriously wrong with the memory or CPU, and to start writing/booting would be bad, putting my data at risk.

Any ideas? A seperate raid card etc? I'm aware that other types of raid controller wouldn't work, but what about other Intel ones in a new machine, or perhaps an PCIE Intel raid card in a new system?

Please, please help. I need my data back off the mirrored volume. I never expected the hardware to fail like that.

Is there anyone out there can suggest a solution? I have very little cash.
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  1. RAID 1 carries less risk when run on a motherboard RAID controller than RAID 0 does. Further, the implementation of RAID 1 is usually such that the drives can be used outside the RAID 1 if it breaks. In other words, if your motherboard dies, you can generally take one of the drives of the RAID 1 and put it in another computer by itself, and read your data like normal.

    The Raid Migration Adventure

  2. If you have another ICH7 Raid enabled motherboard you can transfer the RAID0 disks there.
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