NVIDIA 8300 or AMD 780G for Phenom x3 / athlon x2

NVIDIA 8300 or AMD 780G for Phenom x3 / athlon x2
which is better
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  1. 780Gx
    best onboard graphics
    with the SB750
    good overclocking result
    plus crossfire for future
    i still don't know much about NVIDIA 8300, but there is rumores that NVIDIA is leaving chipset stuff anyway
  2. They're pretty much on par, the 780G wins over the IGP in the 8200, but the 8300 is higher clocked. They might trade a few blows.
    The best thing to do is read up on a few reviews and select a board/chipset that suites your needs
  3. Can I play HalfLife with
    Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Windsor and AMD 780G Board. I heard you need phenom x3/x4 to see AMD 780G performance
  4. yes...u can play HL with x2....but get 790GX....its got the SB750
  5. i wish i could but its not within my budget,
    so x3 i better partnered with amd 780G Board? if im going to use x2 how many % will decrease if i use Athlon X2 5000+ instead of x3 8450, i also heard some games require more than 2.4GHZ to be installed, i don't have plans overclocking.
  6. x3 is 20% faster than x2 in clock for clock performance. so a game running at 2.6Ghz x2 will give same performance on as 2.2Ghz x3 unles ofcorse the came is optimized to use more than 2cores.

    i neva heard of any came not being installed on PC with less than 2.4Ghz cpu.i don think its even possible coz 2.4ghz of p4 is wayyyyyyy less power than 2.4 amd or c2d
  7. GTA4 needs at least a 2.4 Ghz dual core just to run.

    If you want to actually PLAY the game usefully (above 18fps) you need to overclock that 2.4 closer to 3.0 Ghz, or buy a faster dual core and overclock that, or buy a quad core and live off beans and sunshine for a month.

    It's the only game on sale at the moment that requires such gargantuan processing power. You can get away with a mediocre graphics card and memory, it's the shear scale of processing the environment that takes its toll. Irritatingly. Not that I'm bitter at all, not that it's forced me to max out a black edition Amd 7750 to over 3.0 ghz, oh no, nothing like that...

    Probably not even relevant now but I have an asus with the 8300 nvidia chipset. Overclocking is not as easy as it would be with a 7-series chipset. Again, not bitter that I bought the wrong motherboard or anything... na, not worn out MY BLOODY FINGER PRINTS FROM HOLDING DOWN THE BLODDY OFF BUTTON SO MANY BLOODY TIMES.. no... certainly not
  8. date please
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